WINTER 2019/20


The concept of this collection is practical minimalism and the construction of a casual wardrobe. Simple clothing comes to the fore on the world catwalks, these garments are made for a daily routine more than for social events. The frizman designers supported this trend and paid special attention to relaxed silhouettes and comfort without deliberate rigor.

Down jackets are the core garments of this collection. Despite the fact that such outerwear is still considered the most practical option for low temperatures, frizman down jackets are not associated with a sport or casual styles. A quilted down coat has acquired a new interpretation – it completes both business or romantic look. Particular attention is paid to the cocoon silhouettes, oversize models, as well as the emphasis on the waist with a belt. Down jackets are made of water-repellent nylon and dense raincoat fabric on a membrane that are wind- and waterproof. As a filler the brand has used an eco-friendly insulation Downfeel Comfortemp® from the German brand Freudenberg, known as "synthetic fluff", which retains heat at extremely low temperatures.

Faux fur coats are the new luxury. Following the giants of the fashion industry, frizman is gradually abandoning natural fur in favor of its counterpart from natural fibers. At the same time, the brand’s designers, chose fur made from 100% camel hair for some of the garments. Unlike a synthetic fur simulator, its production is environmentally friendly and no animals are injured.

Winter coats, the brands’ significant garments, looks elegant as always, but less strict. The focus has shifted not only to impeccable cut and quality of materials, but also to the decor. In the new collection, elements of faux fur successfully complement the coat of merino wool and cashmere. As an insulation, the ultra-light breathable Aero Comforlight® series from Freudenberg is used.

The colors of the Winter-2019/20 collection are presented both in basic colors - beige, gray, navy blue, camel and black, and in trend colors of this season – Merlot, Blue Stone, Forest Green, Tobacco and Olive Green.

The brand’s philosophy, “Less is more”, was again reflected in the winter collection. The main focus is on high quality and functional design, so that with the least number of garments to satisfy all the needs of a woman.