The concept of the 2020 spring collection is based on the aesthetics of the late 80s and the first half of the 90s - this turning point in the history of fashion was marked by the most controversial trends: purism vs the desire to express yourself through extravagant clothes, the popularity of unisex models vs deliberate underlining of forms, craving for high quality vs fast-fashion boom. During the creating of this collection frizman designers reflected the key trends of that period in a new way, inspired by the style in the iconic series “Friends” and “Sex and the City”.

Usually the main garment is a handmade coat – elegant and austere, romantic and relaxed. Samantha Jones from “Sex and the City” could easily wear it to the office, while Charlotte York could sell several works of art pairing it with vintage pearls. Practical and functional elements of the spring wardrobe from frizman are quilted light jackets and vests that you could wear both with business and casual looks.

The brand has also created thick cotton trench coats for warmer days. A lightweight at once warm-keeping garment occupied an honorable place in the fashion of the 90s. This element of the wardrobe became especially popular at that time thanks to British designers who quickly burst into the fashion world. Further popularization of the trench was largely contributed by Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw in the series “Sex and the City”). Both on-screen and in real life, the style icon often appeared in all kinds of variations of this outerwear. Carrie’s trench coat was an object of desire for millions of girls around the world.

Thick cotton trench coats and matching trousers create a ready-made total look. The new collection also includes pantsuits that have rooted in womenswear, after Yves Saint Laurent introduced a female tuxedo in the 80s. Designers focus on the image of a business-like yet sophisticated woman, just like Rachel from Friends.

The color scheme of the collection is presented in basic – beige, khaki, camel, blue and gray, as well as in trendy shades of the season – Merlot, Bluestone, Forest Green, Tobacco, Green Olive. Natural materials such as cotton, merino wool and cashmere are traditionally used in this collection.

The frizman brand adheres to the concept of sustainable fashion which involves restricting consumption and slowing down the pace of circulation of styles, as well as the use of environmentally friendly materials. Each garment of this collection is a universal solution for the wardrobe of a modern woman and will last for many years.