SPRING 2024 collection

Spring collection of frizman embodies the new concept of modern luxury. Style that has no age, a creation of correct capsules and clothes that works for you — those are main ideas that were put into the new drop from a Kharkiv-based brand.

Based around the minimalism philosophy — this collection suggests to create a Deluxe capsule wardrobe, where careful cut and the quality of materials are summarizing the new viewing of modern fashion. Designers rethought the classical models of coats, trenches, bombers and suits and gave them pretty chill silhouettes, accents on the waist and more variations of the color palette.

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Style that has no age — frizman designers suggest the new culture of clothes to start. The one which will fit both a young girl and a grown implemented woman. Besides that brand aspires to popularize a tendency of passing clothes from generation to generation, to erase age limits and to normalize investing into certain wardrobe pieces that will serve during a very long time period.

Another familiar philosophy of ours — a need of creating functioning capsules which will always cover the dilemma of “there’s nothing for me to wear” with a fully-stocked wardrobe. That’s why the elements of our spring collection all mix harmonically with each other, while also supplement the clothes you already have in your wardrobe — from jeans to slip-dresses. Concept of modern luxury is meant for those who are familiar with classic elegance and had a critical view on fashion, for those who view fashion as a tool of expressing one’s identity.

As always new collection features coats which are the flagman product of frizman. Clean lines, minimalistic design, astonishing quality of the materials, accent on the waist and mid-thigh or midi length — those are main characteristics that draw the coats of this spring’s collection. Also you will see quilted jackets and vests that are known for its comfort and lightness. Irreplaceable elements of spring’s wardrobe are trenches. This time they are not burdened by furniture and countless elements, maxi length is replaced by a more functional midi and oversize is superseded by a flawless cut according to a figure, certainly accompanied with a belt on a waist.

Business suits are a line for which frizman is valued by businesswomen. Choose from models with velvet structure that are tailored according to a figure or hyperbolized oversize with palazzo pants and a vest, a short-sleeved jacket or slightly tightened chinos pants.

Color palette for this collection is presented in calm shades: grey, black, beige, cream. You can also find models in more accented, yet basic colors like Airy Blue, saturated Blue, light Iceberg Green and pastel Cream Pink. frizman mixes its love for natural fibers and technologies that make them wear-resistant. Traditionally brand refers to natural fabrics with a high content of virgin wool, premium merino wool, valuable cashmere and technological tencel material.

frizman is a Ukrainian premium class brand that specializes in outwear and costumes designs. Main goal of frizman is a creation of carefully selected wardrobe from basic elements of the highest quality which embody balance between classics and modernity.

frizman’s signature writing — is an elegant and balanced clothes that remains relevant. Mission of our brand is to create in Ukraine a culture of investing into classical clothes that will be passed later on from generation to generation.