FALL 2019


The Fall 2019 collection is dedicated to the two most significant decades in the fashion world – the 70th and 80th. It was in the 70s that the concept of “basic wardrobe” was born, fashion ceased to be the privilege of the elite and acquired an industrial scale. Despite the fact that the 80s still partially preserved the aesthetics of minimalism, a demonstration of luxury appears among the unwritten trends of that time. frizman designers interpreted the 70s and 80s trends that had again gained attention in the fall collection, embodying them in a manner of the brand.

Coats come first. In the 70s, the emphasis shifted to the length of the midi, slightly covering the knees. Like several decades ago, such models look great with a peeping hem of a skirt or culottes. The top luxurious garment of the 80s is a maxi-length cashmere coat in all shades of beige and sand. Both models are presented in our new collection.

As in the 70s, today no women's wardrobe can do without a trouser suit. In the new frizman collection they are presented in the most minimalistic design. Preference is given to classic shades – dark blue and chocolate. As for the prints, we have adopted an actual cage of glenchek in the new season. Designers offer a choice – classic skinny pants, like in the 80s, or a flare from the hip, which was iconic for the fashion of the 70s.

The fall 2019 season is also marked by the return of the preppy style, which takes its roots from the uniforms of the prestigious colleges. There is no place for negligence, only approximate elegance: carefully ironed trousers, fastened to all buttons jackets in combination with turtlenecks, and restrained shades.

The colors of the Fall 2019 collection are presented in classic outerwear shades, such as olive, beige, camel and cool gray, and in trendy saturated colors – the active Galaxy Blue and its muted variation of Bluestone. An exquisite deep reddish-brown shade of Merlo is also included.

The brand’s philosophy, which sounds like “Less is more”, was again reflected in the autumn collection. It consists in the least number of garments to satisfy all the needs of women in clothing, without disregarding the high level of quality of tailoring and design.