The Summer 2019 collection is dedicated to reunion with nature, internal balance and harmony with the world. The heroine of the new collection chooses only what she likes, without looking at public opinion and abundance of trends. She wants to feel clothing as her second skin and prioritizes personal comfort. Designers do not compromise between convenience and the inherent frizman elegance – both these qualities are united in the Summer 2019 collection.

Practical materials such as 100% natural washable silk and 100% natural washed linen, give the most pleasant tactile sensations, perfectly lets through the air while maintaining an aesthetic look for a long time without special care. Original washable silk is not afraid of machine wash and does not require specific complex care. Washed linen with bruise effect does not demand constant ironing.

Special attention has been paid to trouser suits. There are classic models, interpreted in a frizman manner, costumes in sporty-chic style with stripes and a loose fit along with wide long palazzo pants, complemented by light linen coats. An important place is occupied by dresses and shirts of direct cut, including linen dresses, robes and kimonos. The collection includes outerwear – summer coats made of cotton jacquard, oiled flax and viscose gabardine.

The color range of the spring-summer 2019 collection is mainly pastel – from milk white to washed black. These shades are embodied in costumes and dresses. Among active tones dominates hot corall. There are also pacifying and cooling shades of blue and gray.

The idea of the Summer 2019 collection is a concentration on the sensations that clothes provide with, in a counterbalance to the usual concept, where the garment is chosen solely for its appearance.