WINTER 2021/22


New collection Winter 2021/22 displays multivariance, the difference of characters and preferences. This winter frizman united the most demanded styles and actual colors, so every girl can have display of herself in at least one model.

Being yourself - is the biggest value of our times, so designers began to roll around the conception of exceptional femininity and imposing of social ideals.

Now women can be different - preferring refined silhouettes or showing her tenderness with oversize, choosing eco-fur or consciously wearing natural, that will not be worn out for decades, looking at masculine pant-suits or models with an accent on curves.

Traditionally in winters collection of frizman coats are taking honorable place, that became a part of brand’s DNA through so many years. Strict and relaxed, tailored right by the figure and oversized, dark and light - new season brings many variations to Frizman’s fans. Lovers of the official style will like coats of straight cut without distracting details, made in dark shades. To those who love extra-feminine looks will definitely like models with an accent belt on waist and fur collar. Important clarification – most of them are made on a high-level insulation.

Fur coats from eco fur are a new chapter in frizman’s history. Even though episodically they already were in brand’s collection, the popularity is gained only now. So-called “eco fur” got sentence from nature’s protectors many times, so finding the right material was our main goal. Our fur is actually ecological, because it’s made out of real camel’s wool without synthetic fiber. Fur coat from this material – is not only a way to warm yourself, but also to express yourself, that’s why all models are presented in a juicy red and more muted green shades.

Jackets and down-jackets also have worthy positions – around them you’ll find a trendy short down-jacket with belt, that attracts the sights of those who love the combination of style and comfort. Models that are lower than hips and models with maxi length are also not losing ground. Creamy colored fluff coats from wool fabric took special place in this collection.

The color gamma of the collection is mainly in basic colors: creamy, beige, grey, camel, black. For those who prefer staying bright even in winter we can suggest to take note on scarlet, dark red and muted green. Collection is made out of materials that include merino wool, virgin wool and cashmere, for jackets and down-jackets designers took half-wool fabrics on membrane winterstop and 100% water-repellent nylon.

frizman’s mission is gaining attention of society to sustainable fashion – worldwide conception calls on limiting the consumption of textile products, by making clothes for at least few seasons.

Every element of frizman’s clothes is always topical and functional wardrobe element.