FALL 2022


The conception of our 2022 collection is based on an idea “the main things aren’t things”. Easy and famous saying that draws our attention on the irrelevance of consumerism, makes overfilled wardrobe and clothes that “doesn’t live long” and has low practical price a moveton. Brand continues making a bet on laconic design, natural wearproof fabrics and quality of each product’s tailoring.

Focus of collection is based around hand-made coats, which cut was made especially for suiting every body type beautifully. Practical and comfortable mid-maxi length, relaxed silhouette, body suiting cut - all of that is in priority.

This collection includes quilted jackets and vests - the short ones and with more classical length that reaches a hip’s middle. Each model has a lot of varieties - you can style it with sporty or business looks, with dress or with jeans.

Designers also made a few multipurpose models of pantsuits, because brand is honorable around business-ladies, who prefer comfort and elegance. Accents are shifted on wide palazzo pants with imitation of creases, fitted jackets and medium waist line.

Our 2022 autumn collection is made of natural high class materials. Coats are mainly made of virgin wool and cashmere. For suits frizman also used fabrics with high amount of natural wool.

Cookout palette of this collection is in traditional basic shades: grey, crème, beige, and light brown Caramel Cafe. For those who like more characteristic colors brand proposes already known olive Sage, light green Matcha shade, calming-blue Navy and flaming Lava red. If one colored variations aren’t for you, pay your attention to our coats with balanced Vishy cell.

frizman’s main goal on world fashion arena is to give a rebirth to a classic elegance esthetic, by making high quality and iconic looks, that don’t need a common change. Make your basic wardrobe with frizman!