FALL 2021


The conception of our 2021 autumn collection is based on pragmatism and so called “wearability”. The frizman designer’s mission is based on every woman’s possibility to make her dream wardrobe without renewing most of the elements every season. In the center of world’s fashion public’s attention is clothes that you can attribute to smart-casual style – basic colors are weaving with classic silhouettes and comfort is weaving with elegance. Main characteristic of these looks – their relevance. For mornings and evenings, days and nights, weekdays and weekends.

On the first plan there are brand’s iconic handmade coats – their cut was masked specially for beautifying mostly every body type. The priority is on comfortable length and no hyperbolized silhouettes. Also fundamental frizman’s element are pantsuits. The focus displaced to a little flared full length pants with imitation of arrows. Blazers also gained intentional stringency and oversized was replaced with fitted models.

Practicality and multifunctionality are now norms of life and not only sporty but smart-casual style’s prerogative. Clothes with ability of transformations is now practically a necessity. In frizman’s focus there are now transformer coats, that can easily turn into vests.

2021’s autumn collection is made of natural and high-quality materials. In coats the accent is on virgin wool and cashmere. For suits, except of high-quality wool cloth, there’s tight cotton that holds it’s form.

The color gamma is in basic colors: grey, sandy, olive, camel, and trendy: Navy, Matcha Green and beige-brown Houndstooth. For those who prefer colorful autumn, part of the models is made of bright-red shade Fire Whirl.

frizman’s mission is gaining attention of society to sustainable fashion – worldwide conception calls on limiting the consumption of textile products by making clothes for at least few seasons. Every element of our clothes is always topical and functional wardrobe element.