WINTER 2020/21


Our new collection for this cold season showed a farewell to mutable trends of past decade and placed its accents. Designers of frizman applied to classical silhouettes, architectural cuts and the idea to create universal wardrobe.

In the spotlight there’s a girl of modern times – she lives the way she likes. Unlike those 80s trends that flooded the last season and image of the Iron Lady, that has to strand for her rights in the world of man, in the new season focus shifted to the personal comfort and underlining the femininity. This breeze displayed in relaxed suites with trousers flared from the hip, slouchy pants, volume warm shirts, soft velvet and cozy wool.

Traditionally in winter collection of frizman coats are in lead. In new season designers reached out to those noble and durable materials as virgin wool, cashmere and used elements of natural fur. Besides this, coats of our winter collection combine well with total look costumes and strengthened significantly their positions from fashionable breeds into classic.

Philosophy of brand – it’s a possibility to wear an item without a need to change it every season. Among our main accents – layering. You can add a thin overcoat as an interim layer under a coat and volume vest on the top of a light jacket.

Designers of our brand have transformed quilted down jackets by making them in a form of elegant coats. Not for the first season frizman uses innovational materials – very light insulations and fabrics that are safe from water and wind. That’s how our fluffy coats from woolen fabrics on membrane combine softness and comfort of natural wool and cold-proofing and lightness of puffy jackets.

Color spectrum of this collection is mostly light shades: cream, beige, gray. Fans of bright colors can mark for them puffy jackets and coats with trendy colors of this season blue, blue-l and merlot. Collection is made from materials that consist of merinos wool, virgin wool and cashmere. For puffy jackets and jackets designers took half woolen fabrics in winterstop membrane and 100% water-repellent nylon.

Brand frizman follows a Sustainable Fashion run, by making long lasting clothes, free from changes of seasonal trends with high wear resistance, that helps to cut well the volume of textile garbage and raises the culture of responsible consuming.