60s tendencies, references to the legendary silhouette new look and military style in the eternal classic united in the new collection of Ukrainian brand frizman. The inspiration of our new collection — high quality of life, that mostly consists of caring about your own comfort, reflective use and eco-friendliness. In this case clothes isn’t a caprice or a wish to fulfill your wardrobe, it’s a informed choice, a harmonic continuation of lifestyle, impression of your own “self” and your uncompromising position.

In spring’s collection brand’s designers traditionally express multimodal by using elements that let to transform it easily, combine and adapt to different style directions. The new season has been marked by returning to underlined femininity, thanks to fitted silhouette new look. While laconic straight fit is still remained popular. To not feel tormented by the agonies of choice, Frizman’s designers gave a possibility to easily transform the coat, thanks to tightening drawstrings or making an accent on waist thanks to the belt.

In the new season come backs from the 60s like mid-tight coats with free silhouette and big buttons and moderately baggy shirt coats became especially relevant. Quilted jackets are back on podiums since last fall and are still trendy.

This time models-transformers with detachable sleeves are worth paying attention. Trench coats that came to our wardrobe from military clothing are entering the arena again. This spring stylists are recommending to try on oversized trench lower than knee.

It’s not the first season when brand is paying attention to costumes. Two-pieced trouser suits that symbolize sensible rationality, maximum of comfort and wardrobe optimization. In the new season models with thin vertical stripes are in high esteem — a win-win that balances every figure proportions and monochromatic restrained colors models.

Color spectrum of this collection mostly contains of pastel colors and also basic grey melange and camel. High attention is payed to the shade sage-gray-green that looks like dry salvia leaves, and deep navy that looks like water surface or sky at spring.

Collection is made of materials which include virgin wool, cashmere, cotton. And for jackets designers applied 100% water-repellent nylon. Brand frizman follows it’s unaltered philosophy calling on making choice in favor of the highest quality, enterally actual models and natural materials, that will serve for many seasons