FALL 2020


The concept of Fall-2020 collection expresses cyclicality of fashion and its entrance in the new era - slow fashion. In the century of the greatest consumption designers offer to remember what was fashionable back in 70s, 80s, 90s and look into your closets or finally provide yourself with iconic models, that became classics.

frizman payed special attention to coats, just like in every cold season. In the new collection you can find the hit of 70s - cozy coat-robe, that didn’t left podiums for more than 40 years. A steady trend like this allowed to rank this model to other enduring elements of wardrobe, regardless of seasonal flow. Among iconic elements of 80s - overhead pockets and other geometric elements, that are also never going out of style. The end of 80s and beginning of 90s had been marked by the love of designers to hypertrophic, even grotesque line of shoulders. frizman interpreted this recognizable element of decade differently. The volume still matters, but it turned out rationally, making extra-comfort.

The basic trench in style military became the sample of the elegant style, and despite its English origin, it symbolizes French sloppy chic. Brand frizman choose deep shades of khaki and camel for its trenches and also made accents on uneven check.

The interest in futurism, new technologies and other fantasies, like in an iconic movie “back to the future” expressed in massive downcoats with metallic glow. Cosmic palette - shades of blue and deep green are in the lead.

Attention to classical pantsuits - is an ode to women’s independence and battle with stereotypes. Passion to total oversize and boyfriend’s blazers were exchanged with thrust to famine elegance - underlined waist and jackets made exactly for your figure. Besides pantsuits, skirt-suits came into play. Unlike minies and image of seductive office lady, that were popular in the 90s, attention is payed to balanced proportions, the golden mean - midi skirts, but with denudative cut, jackets emphasizing the line of waist and bust, but with massive shoulders.

The color scheme of the collection is in classical fall shades - beige herringbone, classic blue, sandstone, ultramarine green, military olive, fired brick. Traditionally natural materials are used - cotton, merino wool and cashmere.

Brand frizman adheres to the run “sustainable fashion”, making durable clothes that is free from the changes of seasonal trends, from ecologically clear materials, with high wear resistance, that helps to cut down notably the amount of textile garbage.