Hedonism, minimalism and references to Old Money Aesthetic – those are tendencies that are embodied in the new summer collection of Ukrainian brand frizman.

Inspiration for the creation of 2023 summer collection became the desire of living «right here, right now». Designers haven’t missed the main tendency that you can see in the social media and in the zoomer generation overall – addressing to the conception of a sweet life, «quiet luxury» and vintage that is reflected in the «old money» aesthetic.

Conception of «old money» hints on this careless but satiate life at the same time, where boat trip on Lake Como are combined with signings of multi-million contracts and after equestrian-sport classes you still have to make it to a cup of tea in some elite club. This philosophy has appeared from privileged communities of New York in the period of economical boom in between of 50s and 60s and now became popular all over the world due to TV-shows and social media.

Regarding to tendencies there’s no place for outrageousness and kitsch. Among the characteristic elements – perfect collars, pastel color palettes and a lot of white, natural fabrics, impeccable cut and undeniable quality.

For frizman – postulates of this wave became the inspiration, because with the popularization of Old Money more and more people are investing in long-lasting clothes and lost their interest in mass-market, they are taking clothes out of grandma’s closets and are finding some fashion treasures there while also giving second life to the old accessories. This behavior is the best way to support Sustainable Fashion — a lost-lasting fashion that has a goal of going away from thoughtless consumption and saving the planet.

This season brand came back to using hemp fiber fabrics. Thanks to special structure of the fiber this material is very long lasting, it does not lose it’s form and blocks harmful influences of UV light rays and even helps to take care of skin’s health. Hemp material is the only kind of fabric, that does not get ruined from sea salt and sun, which helps skin to breathe in heat, that’s why it’s mostly used in the cruise collections.

Conception of eco chic attracted frizman a while ago and by using such high-tech fabric our brand made one more big step in the direction of stable fashion. Besides production of hemp is extremely ecological and value of this fabric is still pretty high because of almost hand-made work. Modern hemp — is not a rough canvas anymore. It’s an elegant, delicate but still strong fabric. It is shown in kimono dresses, relaxed pants and shirts.

Also the new collection is filled with cotton shirts and linen pants, long light dresses with collars and weightless summer trenches. Color palette is presented in natural shades: white, blue, sand, grey, powder-pink and other trendy colors of this season.

frizman stays faithful to its DNA «less is more» and cheers for stable fashion, proving once and again that with a small quantity of clothes you can still reach the greates quality!