FALL 2023


Autumn = maturity — that’s the message of Ukrainian brand’s frizman Fall-2023 collection. Brand refers to the esthetic of confidence, taking care of your own comfort and developing a habit of choosing the best for yourself. This conception is based around simplicity, daintiness and the attention to the details, it amuses by it’s luxury and elegance despite being ascetic in some way.

The inspiration for this Fall-2023 collection became the classics of French cinema. Movies like “Belle de Jour”, “Amélie”, “La Nuit américaine”, “La Parapluies de Cherbourg” were shot in different years but in those exact movies the thing we are amazed by the most is visible — the laconic elegance of French women. Their causality and nature in every look. On the screen you can see jackets with evident glossy buttons, discreet color palette, silhouettes that emphasize the figure without the drastic attention to forms, there are some slightly flared trenches and midi-length that covers the knees as Coco Chanel commanded.

Minimalistic vibe and the accent to the quality of each and every small stitch — these are new elements of self-love. In this season frizman’s designers have a brave manifest: conscious approach to one’s style = quality of life. Brand pays client’s attention to the value of Stable Fashion, evergreen trends and to the ethics of production. This season brand approached those very traditional autumn fabrics: merino wool, valuable virgin wool, cashmere, velvet, lyocell and nylon.

For many years flagship products of frizman are coats. You can choose a handmade model, filigree produced without the lining or a classical version with the lining. In this new collection you will see models with the dropped shoulder line or one-piece sleeves that may be liked by those who adore multi-layers, because the easy silhouette and wide sleeves allow to layer clothes underneath.

Designers also made a few universal models of pant-suits, that will be useful in a wardrobe of a business-woman as well as artsy-girl’s wardrobe, which will be dependent on the stylization.

In this collection there also are quilted jackets — short and more classical length that reach the thigh’s middle. Besides the jackets this autumn frizman also propose to wear more modernized trench coats — with glossy smooth surface, and to exchange famous beige color to more practical grey. The color palette of this collection is presented in basic shades: grey, brownish-grey, black, sand, beige, camel. Also you can find models in current trendy shades such as: Airy Blue, Green Forest and Creamy Pink.

The main goal of frizman on the modern fashion arena is to revive the esthetic of classical elegance by making clothes a long-year investment. With frizman you can make you basic wardrobe of your dreams.