In this 2023 spring collection frizman’s designers rethought classical outwear models by making it more functional and comfortable. As usual brand is focusing on timeless models, pays a lot of attention to every stitch and chooses the best long-lasting fabrics for it’s products.

The main idea of this collection is rebirth. Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine most of the pleasures were putted in the background and renewing of the wardrobe was not a valid thing to think about and was treated as an unneeded luxury. But we see some sort of therapeutic effect for the emotional state in the clothes, a symbol of unbreakable and a new breath for the development of Ukrainian fashion industry. Also the idea of rebirth and healing associates with spring – the beginning of a new life in nature.

Despite the hard situation in our hometown Kharkiv, winter almost without any electricity supplying, frizman production worked full-time by making this spring’s collection as a symbol of renaissance on this modern sight.

Collection has different models of coats, blazers and jackets — from classical to more trendy and brave variations. Brand bets on it’s flagman product — hand-made coats which will make a pearl in every modern woman’s wardrobe. It’s benefit is not only in the aesthetic and in it’s functionality – the cut is made in our own authorial technology, which lets to make the perfect fit which adapts to every body type.

Also in this collection you will find kimono-coats with shortened sleeves which are sent to the 60s aesthetic. In addition the attention is also payed to more modern sporty oversize models with hoods and a little hyperbolic shoulder line.

In the new season the center of attention is also on jackets. Retro aesthetic of short quilted models or the repose of the light bright parka — you can choose your best investment in this off-season.

The color palette of this collection is presented in mostly basic shades: cream, sand, beige, gray, warm-brown and different shades of blue (from light-blue color of the spring sky to the Navy color o the deep sea). For those who missed the bright colors brand has made some outwear in lime, lilac, peach and energetic red shades.

The mission of frizman is in the popularization of stable fashion which appeals on thinking about fashion as an long-years investment. Each time brand perfects it’s practice about treating of the environment, the validity of human’s work and caring about the client. Make your basic dream-wardrobe with frizman!