Floristic prints, natural linen, puffed sleeves, freedom of movements and a little of romance – all of these appeared in the summer collection of Ukrainian brand frizman.

The inspiration for its creation were changes - both global and in brand’s life. What about the first ones, accents are removed to the eternal trends, and fashion is being dictated by the mood and social processes, and not by designers. Humanity moves closer to the quality and not quantity.

frizman has already joined the world’s tendency of changing life to the best – brand cardinally changed the conditions of producing by moving the stuff to the new building with modern maximally comfortable working conditions.

In the new space a little cruise capsule collection was born. Filled with flying dresses it reminds us that you should treat your life easier, don’t forget to flirt with the world and of course lose your senses. Buffy puffed sleeves, ruffles and frilles, thrilling cutouts and accents on the waist – they are here to make you forget about the age and status and just to enjoy the summer.

Brand doesn’t forget about the strict elegance by showing it in the pantsuits and dress-shirts.

Also frizman continued to cooperate with Italian brand Olivia by making a few spectacular linen models. In the 2020 summer the first collaboration happened, that was successful – a fresh look of perspective designers allowed to attract attention of a younger auditory, that is seeking to the comfort and laconic style. In every item Olivia incarnates the new movement «slow living» – art of living slowly and with pleasure.

The color gamma of collection is presented in natural shades: white, olive, grey, sky blue, azure blue and trendy colors of this season – pink coral, mint and sage.

frizman is still faithful to its philosophy – less is more, showing once again that with less quantity you can reach highest quality!