This spring-summer frizman collection was inspired by a trip to the world's largest city and the new urban center of the planet – Shanghai. The rhythm of life in the metropolis and advanced technologies not only affected the comfortable and smooth laconicism of the silhouettes but also has put innovative materials in priority.

The core of this collection is brand's signature handmade coats, light puff jackets, trousers and culottes suits, dresses and straight cut shirts.

For light down-padded coats, designers used water-repellent nylon for the first time. Any spilled liquid like coffee or wine will simply flow away and surface contamination can be easily removed with a wet napkin. Coats are made of virgin wool with cashmere, which allows them to keep you warm while remaining thin and light.

Special attention in the summer collection was paid to practical materials, which retained the aesthetic and tactile properties of delicate natural fabrics but are trouble-free for their owners in terms of care. Some of these garments are made from 100% original washable silk – suitable for machine washable and unpretentious to wear material. Designers have also used washed linen with a bruise effect, which does not require ironing. frizman supports a trend for environmentally friendly materials, so you will find organic cotton shirts and dresses in the new collection.

The color scheme is presented in restrained tones interspersed with rich shades. The focus is on gray and beige colors, classy camel, as well as pastel peachy-pink, pale pink and trends Pale Lilac and gray-blue (Bluestone). Bright blue and it's interpretation, Moonlight Blue, dominate among other tones. In the Spring-2019 collection, designers used red as the significant color and for coming Summer-2019 they’ve used warm coral.

The philosophy of frizman remains unchanged – «Less is more». The main thought is that with the less amount of garments you can create a wardrobe for any occasion and get all the necessary high-quality garments, for a reasonable price, having an opportunity to look stylish and elegant despite seasonal trends.