WINTER 2023/24


Quiet luxury with New York shade — that’s how a popular wave in fashion was characterized by leading fashion-editors. Classical pieces of calm shades are ahead of noticeable accessories and screaming logos, stable fashion is finally winning over fast-fashion and conscious consumption is in front of a desire to spend some money on a fast trend that only lives for a few months. Ukrainian brand frizman took the conception of New York style as a base — comfortable, functional, appropriate, elegant. That’s the main core of a famous “quiet luxury” wave. Cities that symbolize constant movement and development became the main inspiration for the new collection. Style of Newyorkers turned out to be very close to a Ukrainian brand. In this city the conceptional minimalism symbolizes much more than practicality.

Behind the facade of resistance there are ambitions and achievements, personal realization and mental maturity. frizman is an “adult” brand in all its meanings that manifests for stable goals and fine art of self-expressions, thanks to clothes from the streets of Ukrainian cities. In this new collection as usually there are some coats that are a flagship products of a brand for many many years. In this cold season we are also suggesting to not refuse the elegant vibe of classical coats and to choose a model with lining from technological “Downfeel Comfortemp” insulation. The advantage of this type of clothing is in its cold and winter proof, even though the coat still remains very light and universal. In this collection you will see models with a soft shoulder line, as well as some models with more clear details that are common on blazers. By designers the main attention was based around a free cut that will en extremely actual for those who love layering in their looks. If you have a desire to pay an accent to the waist — we suggest to try on some robe-coats with belts.

In this winter collection we also have quilted jackets and coats that are already actual for a few seasons in a row. Those gained popularity again, since by styling them properly they became elegant that successfully coexists with functionality. In this new collection you will find models with hoods that will protect you from bad weather.

As usual the collection has tracksuits that are extremely popular for businesswomen. In this new season we suggest to take a rest from oversize and pay more attention to “body cut” that softly points out the lines and curves making a balanced silhouette.

Material vise — traditionally frizman turns to natural fabrics with high contents of virgin wool, premium merinos wool and valuable cashmere. Color pallet of this season is presented in basic shades: gray, grayish-brown, black, sand, beige, camel, cream. Also you will find models of more expressive colors, such as Aurora Red, Airy Blue, Green Forest.

Each season frizman produces mini-collections, every time making more limited assortment, investing in more high-quality of products. We are adhere to the philosophy of stable development where the quality of consumption is ahead of everything. The mission of the brand is to create a culture of investing into great things in Ukraine, passing them on from generation to generation.